Telenor Pakistan Launches New Postpaid Plan with 200GB of Data and Unlimited Calls

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Telenor Pakistan has introduced a new postpaid plan called the “Telenor Freedom Postpaid Plus.” This plan offers an impressive 200GB of data per month along with unlimited calls and SMS. Priced at Rs. 3,999, the plan is available to both new and existing Telenor postpaid customers.

A Comprehensive Package of Benefits

The Telenor Freedom Postpaid Plus plan comes with a range of benefits to enhance the user experience. In addition to the generous data allocation and unlimited calls and SMS, subscribers can also enjoy free access to Telenor’s Wi-Fi hotspots. This feature allows users to save on data usage by connecting to Telenor’s extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots across Pakistan.

Furthermore, the plan provides subscribers with free access to Telenor’s music and video streaming services. This perk enables users to enjoy their favorite music and movies without consuming their precious data.

Additionally, the Telenor Freedom Postpaid Plus plan offers a free caller tune feature, allowing subscribers to personalize their phones and add a touch of creativity.

Moreover, international travelers will find the plan advantageous as it includes free international roaming, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity during their trips abroad.

The Perfect Choice for Heavy Data Users

The Telenor Freedom Postpaid Plus plan is particularly well-suited for heavy data users. With a massive 200GB of monthly data, subscribers can indulge in activities such as streaming videos, playing online games, and downloading files without worrying about running out of data.

A Testament to Telenor Pakistan’s Commitment

Telenor Pakistan is the leading mobile operator in the country, serving over 40 million subscribers. The company is renowned for its affordable and innovative mobile services, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

The launch of the Telenor Freedom Postpaid Plus plan is a testament to Telenor Pakistan’s dedication to providing its customers with an exceptional mobile experience. By offering an abundance of data, unlimited calls and SMS, free access to Wi-Fi hotspots, music and video streaming services, a free caller tune, and free international roaming, the plan delivers significant value at a competitive price point.


The Telenor Freedom Postpaid Plus plan caters to heavy data users and those seeking a comprehensive mobile service package. With its substantial data allowance, generous benefits, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Telenor Pakistan’s new postpaid plan sets a new standard for mobile service excellence in the country.

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