PTCL Honored as the ‘Top Facilitating Employer’ at NUST Placement Recognition Awards 2023

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At the National University of Science and Technology’s (NUST) ‘NUST Placement Recognition Awards 2023′, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the country’s leading telecommunication and integrated ICT services provider, has honored as the ‘Most Facilitating Employer over the Last Five Years’. The award has received by Muhammad Shoaib Baig, the Group Chief People Officer (GCPO) of PTCL & Ufone 4G, during a vibrant awards ceremony held at NUST.

Unwavering Commitment to Fostering a Growth Platform

This recognition serves as a testament to PTCL’s unwavering commitment to cultivating a work culture that offers a growth platform to the future leaders of Pakistan. PTCL Group firmly believes in establishing strong industry-academia linkages to align education and training with the evolving industry trends. By doing so, they ensure the development of well-trained professionals and visionary business leaders in the country.

Promoting Industry-Academia Linkages

PTCL Group actively promotes strong industry-academia linkages to facilitate the growth of the telecom and ICT sectors in Pakistan. They understand the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry and work towards creating an environment where both sectors can collaborate effectively. This approach helps in ensuring that the education and training provided to students align with the industry’s evolving demands.

Providing Valuable Exposure and Mentorship

Through various job roles, exclusive internship programs, and training initiatives, PTCL & Ufone 4G go beyond merely providing exposure to students and fresh graduates. They also offer valuable mentorship opportunities, empowering young minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the corporate world. By inducting fresh talent and innovative minds each year, PTCL & Ufone contribute to the vitality and sustainability of Pakistan’s corporate sector.

Strengthening the Corporate Sector

By actively engaging with students and fresh graduates, PTCL & Ufone 4G strengthen the corporate sector of Pakistan. They recognize the importance of infusing fresh perspectives and ideas into the industry, which is essential for growth and innovation. Through their internship and training programs, PTCL & Ufone not only nurture talent but also contribute to the overall progress and development of the country’s business landscape.

In summary, PTCL’s recognition as the ‘Most Facilitating Employer over the Last Five Years’ at the NUST Placement Recognition Awards 2023 highlights their commitment to fostering a work culture that provides a growth platform for future leaders. By promoting industry-academia linkages and offering valuable exposure, mentorship, and training opportunities, PTCL & Ufone 4G strengthen the corporate sector of Pakistan while ensuring the development of skilled professionals and visionary business leaders.

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