Upcoming Windows Update Enables Force Quitting Apps Without Task Manager

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Microsoft has introduced a new way to force quit applications for WindowsOS users. Previously, users had to rely on the task manager, a tool often used as a last resort. However, this process was time-consuming and difficult for newcomers. To address this issue, Microsoft has now added a ‘force quit’ option to the taskbar, similar to the feature found in MacOS. This new addition aims to simplify the user experience and save time. Although rumors and leaks had already hinted at this feature in early test versions of Windows 11, it has officially confirmed by Microsoft at the Build developers conference.

In addition to the force quit option, Microsoft has made other improvements to the Windows 11 taskbar. One notable addition is the “never combine” mode, available in the latest test build. This mode allows individual applications to be displayed on the taskbar with their respective labels, offering better organization and easier access for users. While these taskbar features has not initially emphasized during the unveiling of Windows 11, Microsoft now plans to release them through regular updates.

Aside from the taskbar enhancements, Windows 11 brings a host of other features. Microsoft revealed some of these at the Build developers conference, including native support for popular archive formats such as RAR, Tar, 7-zip, and gz. This feature allows users to directly interact with these file formats without the need for third-party software. Additionally, Windows Copilot, an AI assistant,  introduced to provide assistance and enhance productivity. Lastly, Microsoft announced the introduction of a dedicated Dev Home for developers, providing a centralized hub for their development needs.

With these updates and new features, Windows 11 aims to offer an improved and user-friendly experience for PC users. Users can look forward to enhanced taskbar functionalities, native support for archive formats, an AI assistant, and a dedicated space for developers to streamline their workflows.

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