Android 14 Could Offer Improved Battery Health Insights for Smartphones

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Android 14 has apparently rolled out a new BatteryManager API on its latest iteration, which let’s you check your smartphone’s battery health. This function would also bring a number of other useful features and insights, so here are all the details.

The news arrives from’s Mishaal Rahman who stated that the new APIs are built to offer useful information such as cycle count, charging status, manufacturing date, date of first use, charging policy, and most importantly, the state of battery health. As of right now, the new BatteryManager API is only available on Google’s Pixel smartphones that are running on Android 14 Beta 2 or higher.

Thanks to this API, developer @narektor created an open source battery health app called Batt. This lets you provide users with battery health statistics. But keep in mind that the data of the battery health provided may not be completely accurate. Although, this does create a framework that implies that Google will eventually release a battery health tracking feature of its own that likely  found in the Settings app.

Unfortunately, it is also likely that the company may skip the feature entirely on the upcoming Android 14 iteration and add it into Android 15. This feature has  highly requested by many for sometime now, so we can expect it to hit the live built sometime in the future. So stick around for more updates.

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