Host a Successful Hackathon Promoting Collaboration, Innovation, and Talent Acquisition in Pakistan’s Tech Industry

Business Pakistan Organizes Successful Hackathon with Leading Sponsors, a leading online travel platform, successfully organized a hackathon aimed at fostering collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking among aspiring tech enthusiasts in Pakistan. The event, held on 19th to 21st May 2023, brought together a diverse pool of participants to generate innovative ideas for problem-solving, encourage growth, and showcase the country’s entrepreneurial talent. SalamAir, Sadabahar Daewoo Service, and Amadeus proudly sponsored the hackathon as the Platinum Sponsor, reinforcing their commitment to supporting the next generation of tech leaders.

Tech Community Unites to Transform the Travel Industry

The hackathon has a incredible opportunity for the tech community to come together, inspire each other, and create solutions that can transform the travel industry. We are delighted to have witnessed such immense talent and dedication,” said Shazil Mehkri, CEO of

Addressing Real-World Challenges in the Travel Industry

The hackathon provided an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills and passion for technology while addressing real-world challenges in the travel industry. The event attracted talented individuals from various backgrounds, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. With the support of SalamAir, Sadabahar Daewoo Service, and Amadeus, emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving positive change in the travel sector.

Attractive Prizes and Valuable Opportunities Awaited Participants

As a testament to their commitment to nurturing talent, offered an array of attractive prizes for the participants. The winning team has awarded enticing prizes, including goodie bags, exclusive internships, and job offers. In addition, participants had the chance to receive discount vouchers, providing them with valuable opportunities to explore and experience the travel industry firsthand.

Industry Leaders and Experts Guide and Evaluate Participants

The hackathon has graced by prominent industry leaders and experts who served as mentors and judges, ensuring a high level of guidance and evaluation. The esteemed panel of mentors included Shazil Mehkri, Kamran Qadri, Mubashir Sakhi, Saim Siddiqui, Abbas Akhtar, and Mir Akbar. Their expertise and guidance played a pivotal role in inspiring participants and elevating the overall quality of the event.

Distinguished Judges Recognize Outstanding Solutions

The hackathon’s judging panel consisted of industry veterans who brought a wealth of experience to the table. The distinguished judges included Mohib Hassan, Mashhood Rastgar, Bilal Mehkri, Adnan Shaffi, and Khurram Salar. Their collective expertise ensured fair evaluation and recognition of outstanding solutions developed by the participants.

Promoting Innovation and Talent Acquisition in the Pakistani Tech Industry

This hackathon marked a significant step towards promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent acquisition within the Pakistani tech industry. By emphasizing keywords such as travel, problem-solving, Pakistan, startup, tech, product, and user experience (UX), the event created a platform for participants to showcase their abilities and contribute to the advancement of the travel sector.

Acknowledging Support and Celebrating Success extends its gratitude to all the participants, sponsors, mentors, judges, and industry partners for their invaluable support in making the hackathon a resounding success. The event’s achievements serve as a testament to the thriving tech ecosystem in Pakistan and the immense potential it holds for future innovations in the travel industry.

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