Collaboration between ACCA and COLABS aims to promote financial expertise among businesses

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ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and COLABS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation between the two organisations. The MoU focuses on capacity building, knowledge sharing, and awareness on key themes such as financial capabilities, business planning, business valuation, financial modeling, business ethics, governance structures, and investment management. The MoU was signed in Lahore by Founder & CEO of COLABS, Omar Shah, and ACCA’s Head of Pakistan, Assad Hameed Khan, in the presence of senior management from both organisations.

Omar Shah, Founder & CEO of COLABS, stated that the MoU with ACCA provides the guiding principles for various activities to enhance cooperation between ACCA and COLABS in building the financial capacity of COLAB’s partner organisations. This includes the organisation of capacity building workshops and webinars to disseminate information about both organisations’ mandate and scope of activities. The MoU also includes awareness sessions for COLABS partner organisations on different programmes, such as the ACCA Approved employer programme and ACCA learning certificates.

Assad Hameed Khan, Head of ACCA Pakistan, highlighted that this partnership provides an outreach and opportunities platform for COLAB’s partner organisations, not only to upskill but also to understand their professional role in contributing to the economy of Pakistan. He also expressed excitement to work closely with COLABS to leverage their respective strengths to foster economic growth and development in Pakistan.

The MoU signed between COLABS and ACCA lays the groundwork for greater cooperation between the two organisations to develop a calendar and organise joint or independent events and activities for respective stakeholders.

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