Atabik Mohsin becomes the first Pakistani actor to lead in the Turkish series “Koyu Beyaz”


Atabik Mohsin, a young Pakistani talent, has made his way onto the Turkish drama series “Koyu Beyaz” and has been exhibiting his phenomenal acting skills on the Turkish platform. His first leading character in Koyu Beyaz is Ferhan, and his accomplishment has set a new benchmark for other actors at home as Turkish entertainment is experiencing record-breaking enthusiasm. Atabik has been teamed with renowned Pakistani actor Atiqa Odho and Tauseeq Haider on the Koyu Beyaz set.

During the filming of Koyu Beyaz, Atabik was accompanied by famous Turkish actors including Nisa Bölükbaş and Atakan Hoşgören. The drama’s director is Bulent Isbilen, and it will be shown on TRT Digital screens. Although the series’ storyline is yet unknown, it has undoubtedly caught the attention of potential viewers, some of whom have interpreted the series’ plot to be comedic.

While discussing his experience on the set, Atabik mentioned that it has been wonderful and he has learned a lot. Although it was difficult at first to act in a language he didn’t know, things are going well. He praised his director and the rest of the team, describing them as meticulous experts who strive for perfection. Atabik also expressed his excitement about working with Atiqa Jee and Tauseeq Sir, whom he admired while growing up. He hopes that his experience will pave the way for other Pakistani performers to work in Turkey and for more future co-productions between Turkey and Pakistan.

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