TikTok’s Q4 2022 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report now available

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TikTok has released its latest Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for Q4 2022 (October-December 2022) as part of its ongoing commitment to earning trust by being accountable while working to be safe and welcoming. The report reflects the platform’s multi-pronged approach to stop misinformation on the platform.

In Q4 2022, 85,680,819 videos were removed globally, which represents about 0.6% of all videos uploaded to TikTok. Of these, 46,836,047 videos were removed by automation, while 5,477,549 videos were restored.

Pakistan saw the removal of 12,628,267 videos for violating Community Guidelines in Q4 2022. The platform also removed accounts determined to be spam, along with spam videos posted by those accounts. It also took proactive measures to prevent spam accounts from being created through automated means. In Q4, 89.7% of the violative videos in Pakistan were removed before anyone could view them, and 95.5% of such videos were removed within a day. The proactive removal rate in Q4 2022 was 98.8%.

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Globally, 17,877,316 accounts that were suspected to be of users under the age of 13 were removed in Q4 2022. Additionally, 54,453,610 fake accounts were removed during the fourth quarter.

TikTok’s Community Guidelines are designed to foster an experience that prioritizes safety, inclusion, and authenticity. TikTok’s policies apply to everyone and all content, and it strives to be consistent and equitable in its enforcement. The platform uses a combination of innovative technology and people to identify, review, and take action regarding content that violates the platform’s policies.

The quarterly Community Guidelines Engagement report provides insights into the volume and nature of content and accounts removed from the platform. To access the full report for Q4 2022, visit TikTok’s Transparency Centre. To learn more about TikTok’s content guidelines, tools, and policies, refer to the Community Guidelines.

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