Pakistan boasts world-class talent in the field of Accountancy

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The accountancy field is known to provide career security in turbulent times, and given the changing world, accountancy is seen as a smart career choice for its flexibility, global mobility and growth prospects. The stability, rewards, and opportunities the profession offers remain highly appealing, with long-term career prospects seen as the number one benefit of a career in finance.

Opportunities for finance professionals are only increasing, particularly for those with the sustainability-focused green skills. Exciting opportunities await accountants in sustainable finance and reporting. According to a recent ACCA study, 69% of respondents believe that accountants will play a more significant role in helping organizations address sustainability and climate change issues in the future.

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Employers worldwide trust professionals with the ACCA designation, indicating the person has the right combination of skills, experience, and ethics to lead the organization into the future. Almost half of ACCA members from Pakistan are currently working overseas, with the UK, Australia, the U.S., Canada and the UAE being the most sought-after destinations.

Employers worldwide, particularly those in countries facing a talent crunch, are keen to tap into the pool of finance and accountancy professionals in Pakistan, with outsourcing and remote work opportunities becoming increasingly popular.

With a presence in 178 countries and regions, ACCA provides a global passport for Pakistani professionals with the talent and ambition to build rewarding global careers.

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