Zonergy’s High-Performance Products Showcased at Italy’s Key Energy 2023 Exhibition

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Zonergy Corporation showcases high-performance smart energy products at Key Energy 2023 Rimini

Zonergy Corporation, along with its distributors WIBY and Desasolar, exhibited high-performance smart energy products in Key Energy 2023 Rimini, the International Expo on Energy and Sustainable Mobility, which was held from 22 to 24 March 2023 at the Rimini Exhibition Centre of Italy that grabbed visitors’ attention.

Smart Energy Products Displayed at Key Energy 2023 Rimini

Zonergy’s Panda residential energy storage product, Apollo three-phase PV inverter, Mercury single-phase PV inverter, Baldr portable AC power supply, and Scopio industrial and commercial energy storage system were on display and favored by visitors. The Scopio system allows PV access, battery energy storage, grid-tied and off-grid output, and meets the needs of the European market.

Scopio Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage System

The Scopio system features a multi-stage modular design and parallel use and enables 30kW-150kW capacity and 100kWh-1000kWh power. In addition to supporting a three-phase unbalanced load, grid-tied and off-grid applications, it also applies to different load types including three-phase and single-phase load, and thus meets the needs of distributed energy in various scenarios. The system consists of a battery cabinet and an electric control cabinet both of which can be transported collectively and distributively. With IP55 protection, it is easy to install and adapts to different situations.

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Panda Household Energy Storage Product

The Panda household energy storage product is modular-designed at 5kWh and available for flexible expansion from 5kWh up to 30kWh. Its stable performance and automatic isolation of the faulty battery module secures smooth system operation. The built-in Smart Grid Management module also enables power grid dispatching.

Zonergy’s Commitment to the European Market

The rising electricity costs in some countries lead to more urgent local needs for renewable energy such as solar energy. As a world-renowned smart micro-grid integrated solution provider, Zonergy answers the end-customer needs in the European PV storage market by launching a variety of high-performance products for the local market and building a Europe-centered quick response network from product sales, after-sales service to maintenance.

Joint Exhibition with WIBY and Desasolar

The joint exhibition with the contracted distributors WIBY and Desasolar fully demonstrates Zonergy’s determination to develop the European market. In the future, Zonergy will redouble its efforts to develop a more efficient, safe, and intelligent PV + storage power generation system through business expansion and R&D, and make its technological and service contributions to the net zero target and carbon neutrality in Europe!

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