The 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament hosted by AAA Associates for the promotion of grass root level golf in Pakistan

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AAA Associates: Promoting Sports through Sponsorship

AAA Associates has established itself as a leading private sector vertical real estate development firm with a keen interest in promoting sports in Pakistan. The company has sponsored multiple sports events across the nation, particularly golfing tournaments.

Grand Golfing Event at Rawalpindi Golf Club

In line with its commitment to promoting sports, AAA Associates organized a grand golfing event at Rawalpindi Golf Club. The event witnessed the participation of hundreds of golfers, including senior amateurs, amateurs, veterans, and invitees. Ladies and juniors also participated in the event.

Distinguished Guests at the Event

The event was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Ex-Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee (CJCS) Gen Aziz Khan, who served as the Early Bird Patron in Chief, and Brig Abdul Salam Akhtar, the President of Early Bird. Syed Wajahat Ali, Director of Corporate Sales at AAA Associates, was also present at the occasion.

Winners of Different Categories

In the senior amateurs’ category, Maj Shoaib and Khalid Masood won the first gross and first net prizes, respectively. Col Abjad secured the second prize, while Brig Mohsin and Mr. Farukh Waheed won the third gross and net prizes, respectively.

In the veterans’ category, Brig Azhar Pervez and Brig M Aslam Khan won the first net and first gross prizes, respectively. Brig Arshad and Brig Tariq won the second gross and net prizes, respectively. Brig Ghulam Nabi and Mr. Tariq Sadiq won the third gross and net prizes.

In the Invitees category, Brig Zahid Hussain and Maj Atif Gondal won the third prize, while Brig Zia Sarwar and Maj Gen Saeed Nagra won the second prize. The first prize was won by Maj Gen Abid Latif and Brig Amir Malik.

In the Junior Boys category, Mr. Bilal Amjad and Mr. Abdullah Amir won the first prize, while Mr. Ali Jami and Mr. Hassan Abbas won the second prize.

In the ladies’ category, Ms. Arooba Ali (AAA Associates) and Brig Nasira Shaheen won the first prize, while Ms. Amna Malak and Mrs. Ayesha Azhar secured the second prize. Ms. Jasia Tasawar and Ms. Fatima Azhar were awarded the third prize.

AAA Associates’ Dedicated Efforts

AAA Associates’ sponsorship of the 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament was instrumental in making the event a huge success. The company’s dedication and commitment to promoting sports through such impressive golfing tournaments are praiseworthy.

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