Emirates Commemorates the Holy Month with a Considerate Travel Experience for Passengers

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Emirates Prepares for Ramadan with Special Offerings

Iftar Meal Boxes honouring Bedouin heritage
Emirates will be serving iftar meal boxes to customers across all cabin classes to select Emirates destinations from 22 March. The iftar meal boxes are nutritionally-balanced and served in bespoke boxes designed by Emirates, representing the rich Emirati heritage of the Al Sadu weavers. The boxes will include light dishes and starters as well as traditional dates and refreshing laban. A smaller box will also be served at boarding gates at Iftar time. Emirates’ iftar box will be served to complement the regular hot meal service, and menus will be refreshed on a weekly basis.

Captain announcements of Iftar time

Emirates uses a unique tool to calculate the correct timings for imsak and iftar while in-flight, based on the times of the sunrise and sunset of the location the flight is passing by. When the sun sets, passengers will be officially informed of the iftar time by the captain.

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Ramadan refreshments in the lounges

For customers on the ground boarding during iftar times, boxes containing water, juice, a banana, and dates will be available to fasting customers at gates for several destinations. At the Emirates lounges in DXB, traditional Arabic sweets, dates and coffee will be offered during Ramadan. Meals available in First and Business Class lounges will include a selection of hot and cold Arabic mezzeh, lentil soup, lamb ouzi, shish taouk and Emirati ouzi, with desserts featuring kunafa with pistachio and baklava ice-cream. Emirates lounges are equipped with dedicated prayer rooms and ablution facilities to ensure a peaceful environment for worship.

Ramadan content on ice

Emirates ice inflight entertainment will feature special religious content throughout March and April, including popular Ramadan series and dramas, such as Al Wade’ Mustaqer – Season 2, Nasiby Wa Qesmetek – Season 4, Tahqiq, Rivo, 25 Soual, and Fil Sayara. Emirates’ Ramadan content on ice also includes over 5,000 channels of on-demand entertainment and 742 Arabic channels featuring movies, TV, podcasts, and music. The Holy Qur’an is also available on ice.

Ramadan Awareness Training for Emirates staff

Emirates provides Ramadan awareness training for its cabin crew and on ground teams in Dubai and across its network. Special training resources have been provided to ensure operational teams are aware of the Holy Month, understand the cultural significance and nuances of this time and recognise specific practices that Muslims engage in, so they are prepared to provide the highest levels of service to customers at all touchpoints of their travel journey.

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