Arçelik, the parent company of Dawlance, makes technology investment in Pakistan and establishes a worldwide Research and Development Center at NUST

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Arçelik Establishes Second R&D Center in Pakistan at NUST

Arçelik, the parent company of Dawlance, has established its second R&D center in Pakistan at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Arçelik is the second-largest manufacturer in Europe, operating in 53 countries with 83 subsidiaries and 30 R&D centers worldwide. The new R&D center in Islamabad aims to accelerate Arçelik’s efforts to grow in the Pakistani market.

Inauguration of the R&D Center

The new R&D center was inaugurated with a ceremony attended by the Pro-Rector of NUST RIC, the President of Koç Holding Consumer Durables Group, Arçelik’s Chief Commercial Officer of Turkey and South Asia, Arçelik’s Chief Production and Technology Officer, CEO of Dawlance, and Pakistani officials. Arçelik’s Executive Director of R&D and the Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance signed the agreement at the NUST University in Islamabad, along with Pro-Rector RIC.

Arçelik’s Vision for Pakistan

Dr. Fatih Ebiçlioğlu, President of Consumer Durables at Koç Holding, stated that Pakistan is a key developing market for local manufacturing, R&D, and future export hubs. He believes that the R&D center in NUST will serve the strategic national objective of the country. Focusing on software development, this R&D center will support the needs of all Arcelik subsidiaries worldwide.

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Arçelik’s Innovative Home Appliance Products

Arçelik plays a leading role in the global home appliance industry thanks to its R&D skills and commitment to developing sustainable, innovative, smart, and digital home solutions. Innovative technologies introduced to consumers in Pakistan promise up to 50% conservation of energy, promise environmental sustainability, and protect the ecology of the planet for future generations.

Arçelik’s R&D Capabilities in Pakistan

Arçelik’s R&D center in Karachi caters to all product categories in Dawlance, including refrigerators/freezers, split ACs, washing machines, water dispensers, TV & small domestic appliances (SDAs). Expertise exists in all fields of product design & development, including structural design, modeling/analysis, system design and testing, embedded software design, and design implementation. It is the only appliance manufacturer in Pakistan with this capability.

Commitment to Foster Technological Advancements

The CEO of Dawlance, Umer Ahsan Khan, stated that Arçelik’s partnership with NUST shows their commitment to foster technological advancements in Pakistan and enable the professional development of the youth. The young engineers at NUST will gain valuable experiences by learning about Arçelik’s global quality standards, regulatory compliance, and best practices.

NUST’s Perspective

The Pro-Rector RIC of NUST, Air Vice Marshal (Retired) Dr. Rizwan Riaz, said that they are thankful to Arçelik for working directly with NUST to utilize the research-centric environment of this prestigious engineering institution. This partnership will enable the development & testing of IT solutions, pertaining to the home appliances category, as Arçelik is expanding its footprint in Pakistan and other Asian countries.


Arçelik’s new R&D center in Pakistan at NUST will play a vital role in fostering innovations and technological advancements in the home appliance industry. The partnership between Arçelik and NUST will enable the development of a globally competitive workforce in Pakistan, while also gaining deeper insights into the local consumer’s needs and preferences to develop innovative solutions based on the needs of the Asian markets.

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