Unexpected Public Holiday Declared by Punjab

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Madhu Lal Hussain was a 16th-century Sufi saint and poet who lived in Lahore, which is now in present-day Pakistan. He is widely regarded as a symbol of love and harmony between different religions and is venerated by both Muslims and Hindus in the region. Madhu Lal Hussain’s message was one of universal love. He is said to have lived a simple and humble life, and his teachings emphasized the importance of inner purity and spiritual enlightenment.

Every year, a three-day urs of Madhu Lal Hussain is held in Lahore in his honor, during which devotees from different faiths come together to pay their respects. The festival is an important cultural event in the region and is a symbol of interfaith harmony and unity.

On March 11 (Saturday), Lahore will observe a public holiday in honor of Madhu Lal Hussain’s urs, as announced by the Punjab government. The Punjab Home Department has released a notification declaring a public holiday throughout the Lahore District on this date. The holiday is specifically designated to commemorate the urs. Additionally, all educational institutions will be closed on March 11.

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