DeafTawk and Kingfisher Collaborate to Advance Digital Inclusion for Underprivileged Deaf Community in Pakistan

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DeafTawk, a startup that focuses on enhancing the lives of deaf individuals, has partnered with Kingfisher, a next-gen mobile experience company, to promote digital inclusion and create a positive socio-economic impact for the deaf community in Pakistan. This partnership was facilitated by GSMA, a global organization that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide. Under this partnership, Kingfisher will provide smartphones to be distributed among the marginalized deaf community in Pakistan each year. This initiative will enable millions of deaf persons to connect with the outside world and access employment opportunities, ultimately helping them to become contributing members of society.

Kingfisher is revolutionizing the mobile experience economy by providing pre-owned devices that bring unparalleled freedom and flexibility to the mobile ownership experience. By partnering with DeafTawk, Kingfisher is demonstrating its commitment to creating positive social change and promoting digital inclusion in Pakistan. Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator, has pledged to provide the necessary logistics assistance for this initiative, while the Ministry of IT & Telecom Pakistan has promised to extend its unwavering support to this great cause. Additionally, DeafTawk, with the support of Jazz, has made the Mobile World Conference 2023 (MWC23 Barcelona) inclusive for the global deaf community for the second consecutive year through sign language interpretation services.

DeafTawk’s CEO, Ali Shabbar, expressed his delight in partnering with Kingfisher to improve the lives of deaf individuals in Pakistan. With the support of GSMA, Jazz, and the Ministry of IT & Telecom, both organizations aim to work towards the socio-economic development of the 9 million deaf persons in Pakistan. This partnership marks an important step in promoting digital inclusion and creating a more inclusive society in Pakistan.

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