Four Remarkable Individuals Who are Rare Gems Among Millions


From a man who ate iron to a woman who survived a 33,000-foot fall without a parachute. Today we will learn about four extraordinary people who revolutionized medical science.

Michel Lotito

Viewer Michel Lotito is from France. They seem quite normal, but they have done things their whole life that no normal person can even imagine. Yes, they are the only people in the world who eat metal, and metal is not in a simple form but in sharp pieces. When he was nine years old, he ate metal for the first time and at the age of 16, he performed these feats in public. After that, they were X-rayed several times, from which metal pieces were also seen passing through the digestive system. Doctors say that because the lining of Michel’s stomach is too strong, it produces more acid, and in this condition, it can easily digest nine hundred grams of metal daily. Eighteen bicycles, fifteen supermarket trolleys, six chandeliers, two beds, seven TV sets, five hundred meters of steel chain and an entire ship have also been shown.
It took two years for Michel to eat the whole Cessna 150 model plane. Their method of eating metal is that they cut it into small pieces and then swallow it with the help of mineral oil or water. They say eating 900 grams of metal daily does not affect their lives. It doesn’t have to; to this day, it hasn’t hurt them. Michel has also been given the Guinness World Record for eating the strangest food. But the most surprising thing is that the person who eats so much metal does not suffer from anything, but when he eats real soft food, his health worsens. In 1998, he stopped eating metal, and A few years later, he left this world forever.

Zhang Ruifang

Doctors were seeing this case for the first time in their careers when the Chinese woman started growing goat-like horns on her head. Zhang Ruifang, a 101-year-old woman in China’s Henan province, lived a normal life. But at the age of 100, a hard lump appeared on his forehead. Within a year, it grew to an astonishing 6 cm long horn. Not only that, but another similar lump was coming out on the other side of the forehead. Doctors say this horn is made of the same material from which human nails are made. But medical science has not yet understood how it came out like a goat on the forehead of a human being.

Clive Wearing

In 1985, a man named Clive Wearing was attacked by a strange virus. This virus attacked Wearing’s nervous system, and since then, he cannot collect new memories in his mind. This disease is called amnesia in medical terms. They are the only people in the world who cannot remember more than seven seconds. If you talk, you forget what is being said after a couple of sentences. They eat food but forget what they eat when the bite enters their mouth. He remembered only a few things about his life before the illness. They remember their children but not their names. The matter is so serious that he does not remember his second wife; he reacts as if it is his first meeting whenever he meets her. Clive Wearing started his career in music and is a piano artist. Surprisingly for doctors, he can’t remember anything for more than seven seconds, but he can still play piano tunes without hesitation. And when asked how he played it, wearing had no answer. Doctors believe that the worst case of amnesia in history has not been seen before today.

Vesna Vulovich

Can it ever happen? That someone falls from 33000 feet without a parachute and then survives. Falling in the sea may be saved, but we discuss falling on the ground. Vesna Vulovich fell from a plane at 33,000 feet (about 10,000 meters) and survived without a parachute. How did all this happen, and how did they survive after falling from such a height? There is a very touching story behind it. January 26, 1972, A JAT Yugoslavian Airlines flight was en route from Sweden to Serbia… On board was 23-year-old Vesna, a flight attendant who had only been in the field for eight months. It was his day off, but his name got mixed up with another air hostess named Vesna, and fate brought him on duty even on his day off.

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