TikTok Launches Family Pairing Feature in Pakistan to Enhance Digital Safety

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TikTok is taking steps to enhance the user experience and promote a positive digital environment by helping users manage their screen time. The platform is following the research of Digital Wellness Lab and setting a daily screen time limit of 60 minutes for users under 18. Anyone wishing to use the app for longer will need to enter a passcode, encouraging them to make an active decision to extend their time.

As part of its efforts to empower families and ensure user safety, TikTok has introduced three new features as part of the Family Pairing control. Parents and caregivers can now set customized daily screen time limits, with the option to set different limits for different days based on school schedules, family travel, and holidays. The screen time dashboard provides a summary of time spent on TikTok, including how many times the app was opened and a breakdown of time spent during the day and night. Parents can also mute notifications for their teens by setting up a schedule, with users aged 13-15 not receiving notifications from 9:00 pm onwards, and push notifications disabled from 10:00 pm onwards for users aged 16-17.

TikTok is also rolling out a sleep reminder feature, which prompts users to log off the app at a set time. To educate parents and children about these new features, TikTok has partnered with creative content creators and industry experts. In-app support is also available to teach users about the Family Pairing option and its features.

TikTok has been releasing a series of updates and features over the past few months to create a safer and more positive user experience. The platform has prioritized the best interests of families by enhancing parental controls, increasing transparency in policies, strengthening the Safety Center, and collaborating with safety organizations. These efforts demonstrate TikTok’s commitment to promoting a responsible use of the digital ecosystem.

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