16 Famous Logos With a Hidden Meaning That We Never Even Noticed

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Adidas, Apple, BMW, Coca-Cola and Toyota, we often hear the names of these companies, but have you ever thought about what the logos of these companies mean? The logo of any company is its identity, and often there is a deep meaning hidden behind the logos of these companies. Behind each color of these logos, there is a deep story hidden. No, but the real purpose of these logos is much more than that. Would you like to know the hidden meaning behind the logos of these companies? So, in today’s video, we will tell you about 16 famous logos whose design has some deep meaning hidden in them; perhaps you have never noticed this meaning before.


Number 16 Hyundai:

Many people think that the logo of this South Korean company Hyundai is the first letter of its name, i.e., H. But actually, its meaning is much deeper than that. The letter “H” indicates two people shaking hands with each other. One is the company’s client, and the other is a representative of the same company.

Number 15 Adidas:

The name Adidas is originally derived from the name of the owner of the company, “Adolf Dassler”… The Adidas logo has changed over time, but if you have ever noticed, you would have noticed that there have always been three stripes in its design. The new Adidas logo also consists of three stripes placed at such an angle that they form a triangle. These three stripes have always indicated a mountain, and this mountain is the symbol of the difficulties that a sportsman has to face in his daily life. Since this brand is meant for athletes, I think it is a beautiful thought of how a sportsman crosses a mountain of difficulties.

Number 14 Apple:

I know you were eagerly waiting for this. Rob Denoff is the designer of the logo of the most famous company in the world. Yes, this logo with an eaten apple was designed by him. In an interview, he told the secret behind creating this design. He bought some apples and gave them to me. Then he drew all these apples for a week. He made many types of maps which were part of his design process.
Similarly, taking a bite of an apple was a part of this experiment. After taking a bite of an apple, he accidentally realized that the word “byte” is also a computer term called a byte, and with this thought, he finalized his design. So yes, that apple byte represents a computer byte; you can imagine how much effort goes into designing a logo.

Number 13 VAIO :

The first two letters of the Wave logo represent an analog wave, while the last two letters represent the number one and zero. One and zero are symbols for digital signals, so the VAIO logo represents analog and digital signals.

Number 12 Amazon:

At first glance, this logo may not seem like much, but there is a philosophy behind it. Made under Amazon, this orange arrow represents a smile. Because this company wants to see its clients smile, this arrow starts with the letter A and ends with Z, which makes it clear that this company sells every product from A to Z that it is about. I can imagine, man

Number 11 Baskin Robbins:

If you consider the pink part of this logo, it becomes number 31. This indicates how many flavors of ice cream Baskin Robbins sells, so now you know how many flavors of ice creams are available in Baskin Robbins. Isn’t it amazing?

Number 10 Toyota:

We have known this brand from childhood, but do you know the clear meaning behind this logo? Most people think that this logo means a shepherd wearing a hat. But actually, this logo represents the needle threading, which makes this company’s past clear. Before Toyota made cars, it made sewing machines.

Number 9 Continental:

Continental is a famous tire company whose first two letters stand for a tire, proving that some of the most genius things are simple, so there’s nothing wrong with being simple.

Number 8 Formula One:

If you look closely at the space between the letter F and the red stripes, you will see a letter, while the red stripes indicate the high speed of the Formula One car. In this way, F1 and high speed. The sign fulfills this logo

Number 7 Pinterest:

On Printrist, people pin their favorite pictures on their online boards; this logo has a pin image printed inside the letter P. What a simple and clear message is behind this logo.

Number 6 Bets:

We are all very familiar with Beats headphones; the letter B in the logo looks like someone has put the headphones on their ears, which is the purpose of this product.
Less is more

Number 5 Toblerone:

This is Switzerland’s most famous chocolate company and has a shadow of a bear printed in its logo. Do you know what the shadow of a bear is doing in a chocolate company? This company is located in the city of Bern, Switzerland, and this city is called Also called Off Bears, so if you ever happen to visit Bern, you will often see bears in the designs, so this chocolate company is based in the same city and uses bears in its logo.

Number 4 BMW:

This most famous luxury car brand finally knows what is hidden behind its logo. The company has worked in aviation technology in the past, and the logo refers to the Bavarian flag, the German city where the company was founded.

Number 3 LG:

This South Korean electronics company’s logo features a smiling human face. According to LG, this is so that the company can build a relationship with its clients so that they have a better interaction with the normal logo.

Number 2 Evernote:

We all know elephants have a good memory. They remember both shapes and memories very well; that’s why Evernote, a company that makes notes, uses the shape of an elephant in its logo above the elephant’s ear. The front part is folded in the same way as a person folds a piece of paper.

Number 1 Coca-Cola:

In this company’s logo, if you look between the letters O and L, you will easily see the Danish flag. This is a coincidence, but despite the coincidence, Coca-Cola used this coincidence well in its marketing campaign. And the Scandinavian countries have adopted this convention as their design, which explains the company’s marketing strategy and why Coca-Cola is so clever.

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