Internship Programme for People with Disabilities Introduced by Standard Chartered

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Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited Launches Internship Programme for Differently-Abled Persons

Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited (SCBPL) has launched an internship programme for differently-abled persons as part of its efforts towards economic empowerment and financial inclusion. The programme aims to create a diverse pipeline of candidates as potential workforce for the banking industry while supporting them to elevate their quality of life.

CEO of SCBPL, Rehan Sheikh, emphasized that this initiative is a key milestone in providing equal access and opportunity for differently-abled persons to participate in economic activities and realize their full potential. The initiative is also supported with improved infrastructure, service delivery, and the use of innovative technologies.

Infrastructure Compatibility and Digital Tools

Infrastructure compatibility has been ensured at the Bank, with wheel-chair ramps, elevator flooring, and other provisions. Digital tools have also been incorporated in the programme to ease accessibility for differently-abled interns. Sign language literacy and sensitivity training is also available for all staff to become truly inclusive.

Partnerships for Sourcing Candidates

SCBPL has partnered with Connect Hear and Sight Savers to source a pool of candidates for this programme. A sign language interpreter was engaged during the interview and onboarding stages to facilitate the processes.

Engaging Differently-Abled Interns

SCBPL has created immersive projects to engage the interns and help them gain professional exposure by working on industry-wide assessment, data-base management, health checks, portfolio, and opportunity-execution plan. The ‘Hard of Hearing’ (HoH) interns will be facilitated by sign-language interpreters and trained sign-language buddies within the Bank, enabling them to communicate during the internship period.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The internship programme is part of SCBPL’s Futuremakers Inclusive Employability Programme, which is critical for embedding diversity and inclusion priorities within its footprint. This initiative is also in line with the Central Bank’s agenda of Financial Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, and the Bank is confident that it will open more doors and opportunities to develop further as they move forward.

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