Comsats Lecturer Terminated Following Inclusion of ‘Forbidden Love’ Question in Paper


Comsats University Islamabad (CUI) is facing action from the Ministry of Science and Technology for asking a highly controversial question in the Bachelor of Electric Engineering BEE programme exam. The English composition paper of the first semester exam had a question that asked students to write a paragraph containing 300 words about the unnatural relationship between two siblings (Incest). This caused outrage among students.

In response to the students’ outrage, an inquiry was conducted on the orders of the Ministry of Science. The visiting lecturer Khair-Ul-Bashar was found to be responsible for adding such a question in the paper. The administration of the university put all the blame on the visiting lecturer for asking immoral content in the exam paper, while absolving the in-charge, controller of examinations, registrar, and university rector from the blame.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has taken action against CUI for the immoral question asked in the exam. It was deemed objectionable and not suitable for an academic environment. The Ministry of Science and Technology has emphasized that educational institutions should be careful while formulating question papers to ensure that they promote ethical and moral values. The incident at CUI serves as a reminder for all universities and colleges to be vigilant and to avoid such controversies in the future.

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