The Key to Success in the Market is Excellent Products and Exceptional Services, According to Shen Wei, President and CEO of vivo

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vivo’s CEO Delivers Speech on Long-Term Strategies for 2022

During the online annual meeting and innovation award ceremony, Shen Wei, vivo’s founder, president, and CEO delivered a speech titled “Go all-in to build strong foundations and achieve long-lasting business vitality.” He discussed the long-term strategies for this year.

2022: A Year of High-End Breakthroughs for vivo

Despite fierce competition in 2022, vivo continued with resilience to achieve its hard-earned reputation in brand recognition and technological capabilities. The company achieved numerous milestones with its high-end products through steadily implemented long-term strategies.

Establishing Strong Foundations for the Brand

Throughout this year, vivo fully invested in the core value of ‘user orientation.’ The company clarified the fundamental relationship between product and brand, enhanced innovation, and put equal emphasis on the ‘closed-loop customer experience’ and the ‘closed-loop business model.’ vivo’s approach to building strong fundamentals for its business has allowed it to succeed in the face of fierce industry competition during unpredictable times.

Breakthroughs in High-End Products

vivo made significant breakthroughs with respect to its high-end product line, marking a monumental leap forward in creating a distinguished brand. The company has amassed a distinct reputation for the imaging capabilities of its phones and further bolstered it by its global partnership with ZEISS in an effort to redefine mobile imaging. The vivo V23 series, V25 series, and X80 have been venerated by users and achieved high levels of loyalty, satisfaction, and enthusiasm toward the products.

Challenges Ahead

The smartphone industry is in the earliest stage of a new round of technological revolution, with a potential slowdown being the primary obstacle facing the entire industry. Over the course of the next three to five years, this situation is expected to become relatively severe. vivo is confident of overcoming these challenges by adhering to its entrepreneurial mentality, long-term planning, and embracement of transformation and disruption.

The Way Forward: Making Users, Employees, Partners, and Shareholders Happy

vivo’s strategic opportunity rests in its high-end breakthroughs, with user-orientation being the guiding principle of its efforts, and forward-looking innovation serving as the cornerstone of impressive products. The company’s mission is to make users, employees, partners, and shareholders happy and content, with an aim to constantly develop into a more sustainable, world-class corporation.

Facing Challenges Head-On

vivo’s approach of facing challenges head-on will ensure it thrives through disruptions and market cycles to become an even greater brand. Faith is a spring bird in winter that can foresee all the goodness to come. vivo’s golden age has begun, and it is here to stay!


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