The Mobile Manufacturing Summit Charted a Path for Industry Advancement in Pakistan

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The demand for technological products, particularly mobile phones, is at an all-time high worldwide. In Pakistan, with a population of over 225 million, the demand for mobile phones is estimated to be at 36 million units annually. The country’s vast population presents an opportunity to boost Pakistan’s exports, especially since it produces over 93% of the local demand through the recently launched mobile device manufacturing policy implemented by the Engineering Development Board (EDB).

To highlight the potential of the industry, the EDB organized a summit in partnership with the Pakistan Mobile Phone Manufacturers Association (PMPMA) which was attended by 31 local manufacturers. The event was graced by the Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Makhdoom Syed Murtaza Mahmud, who was the Chief Guest. Other officials from various government agencies and ministries were also present.

The summit provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss the immense potential of local manufacturing of mobile phones in Pakistan. The industry experts discussed how local production can help to boost the country’s economy, generate exports, and provide employment opportunities for the growing population.

Pakistan began manufacturing mobile phones in 2015 without a proper policy platform, which meant the industry did not see significant growth. However, local companies invested over $200 million in the sector, and in response, the government formulated the country’s first mobile device manufacturing policy.

At the summit, officials discussed how the local mobile industry can add $14 billion to the national exchequer with the government’s support. The availability of cheap labor and solar energy can make the production of mobile phones more cost-effective, which is a competitive advantage for the industry. The participants requested the government’s special focus and attention to accelerate the progress of the industry to capitalize on the export opportunity and address the trade deficit.

The event concluded positively, and the stakeholders hope that the discussions will lead to the development of a roadmap that will maximize the industry’s output and benefit to the local populace. With the potential to create jobs and boost the economy, the local production of mobile phones presents an exciting opportunity for Pakistan.

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