Renowned Professional Photographers Impressed with the Cutting-Edge Cameras of the vivo V25 5G and V25e

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Picture Perfect: The Vivo V25 5G and V25e Reviewed


A picture taken with a camera is said to be an imagination turned into reality. Vivo, as a brand, encourages its users to be creative and capture precious memories in the form of gorgeous shots. To achieve this, vivo integrates cutting-edge innovations and features of professional digital cameras in its smartphones. The brand recently launched the vivo V25 5G and V25e in Pakistan with gorgeous portraits and amazing imaging capabilities.

Professional Photographers’ Experiences

Pakistan’s top professional photographers Adeel Chishti and Fahad Hanif tested the vivo V25 series smartphones. After using the phones for a month, they shared their experiences with the vivo V25 5G and vivo V25e respectively.

 Night Portrait Experience

Adeel, an avid portrait photographer, was thoroughly impressed with the vivo V25e and emphasized his night portrait experience with the phone. He said, “My experience with night photography was truly magical. During night photography, we have to seek stability and an artificial light source to capture a portrait but with vivo V25e, I experienced one of the best portrait experiences without any struggle.” Fahad, who specializes in landscape and street photography, echoed the same sentiment saying, “The vivo V25 5G has some exceptional night photography ability.”

Natural Portrait Feature

Both the vivo V25 5G and V25e come with the Natural Portrait feature which employs natural effects to reveal unique facial features. Fahad called it one of his favorite features of the phone as it enhances the overall skin texture with clarity while retaining the sharpness of the image. Adeel further added that due to the Natural Portrait feature, he no longer has to retouch or edit images.

Hybrid Image Stabilization

The photographers also highly appreciated the Hybrid Image Stabilization feature of both V25 5G and V25e. Adeel said, “Thanks to the Hybrid Image Stabilization feature, all you need to do is set your camera, capture your shot, and you are good to go.” Fahad, on the other hand, praised the feature for making video shooting clearer and more stable. He said, “The vivo V25 5G’s Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS+EIS) feature makes video shooting clearer and more stable.”

Bokeh Flair Portrait Feature

When it came to their favorite feature on the phones, the duo was unanimous in their choice, selecting the Bokeh Flair Portrait feature. Adeel said, “Being a photographer, I’ve spent thousands of rupees on lenses but now the vivo V25e has offered me a complete package with this feature.” Fahad added, “This dynamic portrait feature allows you to capture and smoothen facial features while retaining the clarity and crispness of the image.”

Camera Qualities Competing with Digital Cameras

Being professional photographers who require high-end cameras and extensive setups for their shoots, they both observed that the phones’ camera qualities compete well with that of digital cameras. Adeel said, “I can say that the features I’ve been using on my camera are now present in this mobile.” Fahad agreed and also praised the AI in the vivo V25 5G’s AI HD Portrait feature.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Photographers

Finally, the duo had a few words of wisdom for aspiring photographers. Fahad advised, “Great photos come with great composition and dedication. Be mindful of how you frame shots and where you position different elements within a scene. Keep it simple. Explore different perspectives, add depth to your images.

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