Launch of IdeaHub S2 in AJK Muzaffarabad Hosted by Huawei Technologies with Awan Distribution and CDigital

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Launch of Huawei Ideahub S2

Huawei Technologies Pakistan, Awan Distribution, and CDigital organized the launch event of Huawei Ideahub S2 at Pearl Continental in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu Kashmir. The launch was attended by senior government officials including the Senior Minister AJK Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, Secretary Tourism AJK Miss Midhat Shehzad, and Director AJK IT Board Dr. Khalid Rafique.

Collaborative Efforts

Awan Distribution and CDigital have been working towards digital transformation in AJK for several years. With the help of Huawei Technologies and its solution IdeaHub S2, they aim to eliminate video conferencing challenges in the region. Huawei is continuously exploring new markets in Northern Pakistan to bring leading technology to organizations of all sizes.

Live Demonstration

The launch event was attended by customers from the public and education sector, including the AJK IT board and University of Azad Jammu Kashmir. A live demonstration of the IdeaHub S2 was conducted, showcasing its smart features such as split-screen multi-application use, intelligent smart camera tracking, hand writing recognition, and auto shape detection.

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Speeches by Dignitaries

In his speech, Mr. Essam Baghdadi, President Awan Distribution thanked Huawei Technologies and the government officials for their support. Dr. Khalid Rafique, Director IT Board, AJK appreciated the efforts made by Huawei and Awan Distribution and suggested conducting more conferences in AJK to promote IT advancements.

Senior Minister Local Government and Rural Development, Mr. Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, also praised the efforts of Huawei, Awan Distribution, and CDigital. Secretary Tourism AJK, Miss Midhat Shehzad, concluded her remarks by highlighting the benefits of IT advancements and the role of public-private partnerships in achieving important goals.


The launch of Huawei Ideahub S2 was a great effort to promote IT in Azad Jammu Kashmir. With its smart features, the technology is expected to help organizations in the region to reduce expenses and save time through virtual meetings.

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