Descon Oxychem Achieves 9 Million Safe Man-Hours

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Descon Oxychem Limited (DOL) Achieves Milestone

DOL is a leader in the Hydrogen-Peroxide (HP) market in Pakistan, known for its commitment to health, safety, and environmental sustainability. The company has now achieved the milestone of completing 9 million safe man-hours over its 14 years of operations.

Recognition for Key Performers

A ceremony was held to recognize the key contributors to this success, with certificates of recognition awarded to employees. The event was attended by Dr. Faheem Akhtar, a renowned scholar and faculty member at LUMS, who shared industry insights with the audience.

Celebration by CEO

DOL’s CEO, Muhammad Mohsin Zia, expressed his delight at the achievement and emphasized the company’s commitment to adopting global standards for health, safety, and environment, as well as its focus on quality and performance. DOL is valued by its clients for its reliability, consistent quality, and customer-centric solutions.

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Cutting-Edge Manufacturing and Qualified Workforce

DOL’s manufacturing facility and workforce are producing high-quality HP products and customized chemicals for major industrial and consumer sectors, including textiles and food and beverages. The company is now exploring international markets as the global demand for HP products is expected to grow rapidly.

Innovative Business Model and Vision

Descon Oxychem’s business model is based on innovation, customer-centered services, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The company also provides bulk product storage and handling systems to support its stakeholders’ environmental sustainability goals. The company’s vision is to drive sustainable socio-economic growth for Pakistan through large-scale investments, research and development, and capacity-building.

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