brings together exporters for “B2B E-Commerce Summit – Bharo Digital Export ki Nayi Uraan – Lahore Se” event in Lahore, Pakistan to discuss new opportunities in digital export business

Business, a platform for global B2B trade, recently hosted an event called “B2B E-COMMERCE SUMMIT – Bharo Digital Export ki Nayi Uraan – Lahore Se” to help Pakistani exporters understand and access the global B2B market.

The event featured speakers from as well as industry leaders from Lahore, including Miss Amy Li, Marketing Head of Pakistan; Mr Rana Mansoor Qadir, Former Executive Member – PAAPAM, Mr. Hafiz Ahmed, Ecommerce Influencer and CEO of Ecomrades, and Mr. Shahbaz Siddique, Certified Trainer.

During the summit, global consumer trends in the food and agricultural sectors that could impact Pakistani exports were discussed. According to a report, consumer spending in the global food and beverage market is projected to reach US$8.66 trillion in 2022, and is expected to grow by 7.0% per year from 2019 to 2025. Asia had the greatest share of the industry in 2022, with a market volume of US$4.3 trillion.

For Pakistani exporters, rice is a promising and significant category. Additionally, it was revealed that the top buyer markets in the agriculture category on include the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh. In the food category, the top buyer markets are the United States, Bangladesh and Turkey. Pakistan is also a major buyer market in both categories.

During the event, Mr. Rana Mansoor Qadir, Former Executive Member – PAAPAM, said “We are thankful to for its efforts to open newer avenues for local businesses to enhance their sales and profitability. The world is changing fast through digitization; therefore traditional businesses should also change for good. Through’s global platform, our businesses can access markets all over the world and contribute effectively to the national economy.

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