Daraz celebrates ‘World Environment Day’, with a public-awareness campaign


Daraz is one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces across South Asia. It has created the fastest growing, interactive platform, to provide the most convenient access to the widest range of products and services, round-the-clock, on-the-go. Besides its robust commercial ventures, Daraz has also launched many resourceful initiatives for social-development. As the World Environment Day was commemorated on the 5th of June, Daraz celebrated this occasion by hosting an “Environment Day Drive”, in collaboration with other entities, at the Sea View (Backside of Chunky Monkey)

The vibrant event began at 9:30 in the morning, as hundreds of people gathered for a Beach-Cleaning and awareness campaign about ‘Environmental-Sustainability’. This colorful ceremony concluded with some entertaining engagements, giveaways, refreshments and a photo-session.

It is a matter of serious concern that Pakistan’s Fossil Carbon-Dioxide (CO2) emissions were over 178 million tons in the year 2016, which was approximately 0.50% of the Global Carbon-Footprint. Daraz believes that the pollution levels in Pakistan must be reduced, through collective efforts, to ensure a safe and healthy future for the whole world. Over the past year, Daraz has been consciously trying to reduce its carbon footprint by using more sustainable materials in its packaging. In the past 12 months alone, Daraz was able to save 600 tons of carbon emission through using recycled packaging.

The Managing Director of Daraz Pakistan, Mr. Ehsan Saya, stated that, “Daraz hosts 19 million people on its platform, every month, we are inspired to contribute towards social wellbeing, with a vision for saving the planet. The spirit of giving back to the community and the happiness of our customers is our highest priority. Over the years, Daraz has been generously contributing towards environmental-protection, education, healthcare, empowerment, financial-inclusion and poverty-alleviation to ensure a healthier & progressive future. We have adopted global best-practices, to help reduce automobile-emissions, industrial-waste and contaminations from the atmosphere and water-resources. Cleaning up our cities, towns, villages and natural landscapes is essential to ensure a greener, healthier Pakistan. The ‘World Environment Day’ campaign by Daraz was an exemplary awareness-drive aimed at preventing environmental-degradation, deforestation, global-warming and climate change, improve quality of life and eliminating the ecological threats to the wellbeing of humanity.”

Being a technology-leading enterprise and a responsible corporate citizen, Daraz has found an innovative way to raise funds for social-development initiatives. While its consumers are enjoying convenient, online shopping and buying millions of products from this e-commerce platform, Daraz donates a small amount from each order for its social-welfare interventions. It inspires the common citizens to protect the planet and pursue the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), for ensuring a healthy & prosperous future.

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