For the first time in Pakistan, get FREE travel insurance with


Have you been hearing or reading something about free travel insurance lately? Well you’re not the only one and it is in fact already here. is now providing a FREE travel insurance package along with your domestic flight ticket. To make your trips even more secure and stress-free. Bookme provides seamless e-tickets and online bookings and now, with this incredible value added service, it has evolved the literal meaning of comfort and easy traveling by placing a prudent offer that customers had been longing for.

Imagine how frustrating it would be to have your flight canceled at the last minute or to lose your checked-in baggage during a flight. Well, fret no more because Bookme knows you are important and in a hurry, and will have you covered at unforeseen circumstances during your trips.

Being the leader in the Pakistani market, Bookme always seeks to provide low-cost and convenient travel solutions for all its customers. And this time around, keeping in mind the emergence of travel and insurance for Pakistani customers, Bookme has stepped up again to make the timely offer and provide affordable and convenient travel insurance plans for all travelers. Now you can get all your travel needs met in one place. Bookme is now offering a free travel insurance plan for Domestic Flights and will be launching a dedicated insurance plan for International Flights soon.

Reasons to avail travel insurance because


  • Only 80% of flights arrive on time in Pakistan and you cannot afford to lose your money if your flight is canceled
  • A missing bag can ruin your trip
  • Medical emergencies overseas can be really expensive
  • Accidents can and do happen while traveling and one needs to stay afloat their financial situation


You might have spent your savings for the trip you have planned and anything can happen when you are on the go. Isn’t it better if you get your trip insured to avoid such strokes of bad luck?

How to Claim Travel Insurance through

  • Look for the option of ‘Free Insurance’ in ‘My Booking’ section in Bookme app
  • Tap on ‘Claim Insurance’
  • Fill out necessary requirements to claim your insurance
  • Your insurance will be claimed and the amount will be added to your Bookme wallet upon approval

Now it is high time to book your next trip and get upto 15% discount on all your domestic flight bookings i.e Lahore to Karachi flights and upto 5% discount on international flight bookings for example Karachi to Dubai Flights. So, head to Bookme app or website and browse all the great deals and discounts because they are offering massive discounts on flights to make your tour plans more affordable and convenient.

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