Ufone 4G commits to fostering women’s access to mobile Internet


Ufone 4G is at the forefront to support women’s empowerment in the country, hence, the Pakistani company is committed to significantly expanding its female customer base.

Through its commitment with the global association of mobile operators, the GSMA, Ufone 4G aims to bring high-speed connectivity to more Pakistani women to enhance their participation in the mainstream socio-economic system.

The initiative underpins Ufone 4G’s long-term commitment to bringing every Pakistani citizen into the fold of digital inclusion for positive socio-economic outcomes. Therefore, the company is focused on reducing the gender gap in access to connectivity and helping women leverage the Internet to explore opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The company has exhibited its strong commitment to fostering gender inclusivity through various initiatives.  Ufone 4G boasts a significant female user base, mainly due to its women-centric use cases and communication focused on the specific call and data needs of women. These use cases helped Ufone 4G deliver products and services to women with different professional backgrounds, duly tailored to suit their call and data needs and routine.

Also delivering on women’s safety and privacy needs, Ufone 4G introduced an industry-first Smart code *765# so that women customers can receive mobile top-ups without having to share their phone numbers with retailers. Just recently, Ufone 4G donated its flagship Wifi internet devices to the participants of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Women Civic Internship Program to support their pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Ufone 4G acknowledges that women play a vital role in the prosperity of a country, therefore it never shies away from providing equal opportunities to them to spur their pursuit of finding a constructive and meaningful role in the society.

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