Huawei Technologies held “Digital Pakistan week” summit to engageCommunity to learn Huawei ICT solutions

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Huawei Technologies Pakistan Pvt. LTD. held the Digital Pakistan Week in Islamabad. The event, which was attended by over 400+ representatives from the ICT Sector of Pakistan was based on the theme GUIDE to the future. Focusing on technological advancements and future target networks of Pakistan in ICT domain. This is an annual event held by Huawei to guide ICT industry about future Target networks and how Huawei can help build a true Digital Pakistan.


The event was also attended by Vice President, Huawei Middle East Carrier Business Group, Mr. Vanness You who was the Chief Guest at the event. Mr. Vanness You while addressing the audience said that, “Huawei Technologies is very proud to see that ICT industry in Pakistan are transforming from legacy to a truly Digitalized industry, it is an honor for Huawei to be the preferred vendor and strategic partner for operators, enterprises and government”. “We are happy to innovate together with the ICT sector of Pakistan, which is growing rapidly and we hope that this keeps moving further and towards Fully connected Digital Pakistan.”

This Digital Summit had the audience learn about the various ICT Solutions Huawei has to offer for the ICT Sector of Pakistan, particularly focusing on the Digital transformation through various steps which were explained by the experts who were present from Huawei’s Middle-East Regional Office.

The event also included demos of various solutions provided by Huawei. The attendees took a keen interest in the latest solutions and products displayed at the venue and the available Huawei Experts were engaged deeply to explain the various products and solutions and how they could benefit theICT Industry  of Pakistan.


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