Education Malaysia Global Service – EMGS, facilitating international Students to pursue higher education in Malaysia


Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS), is responsible for promoting and assisting international students to pursue higher education in Malaysia. EMGS CEO Mr. Mohd Radzlan bin Jalaludin is in Pakistan and presented opportunities, possibilities and benefit of seeking higher education in Malaysia at a Press Conference held in Marriott. He emphasized on the presence of foreign students in Malaysia will offers economic benefit to the country and will add value to its education system.


According to UNESCO data, Malaysia is currently in the top 11 charts in terms of Inbound student mobility. As of 2020 figure, the total number of international students enrolled in Malaysian universities and academic institutions are 131,000.  Malaysian Government has raised the level of their education system which helped them to compete with top ranking countries like USA, Australia and UK in the field of education by highlighting its own uniqueness in terms of diversity and educational prowess.


Mohd Radzlan bin Jalaludin CEO EMGS emphasized on benefit being offered to international student who choose to study in Malaysia. “Students will experience world-class education in Malaysia with top ranking institutions of the world offering a degree that is well recognized globally. Based on QS world university rankings, 32 Malaysian programs were placed among the top 100 universities for the study of their academic subjects. Malaysian has 435 state-of-Art higher education institutions across the country showing large capacity to absorb international students. Malaysia offers diverse culture, affordable living, safe environment and dynamic lifestyle to its international students”.


EMGS is responsible for promoting Malaysia as the international education hub of choice and positioning Malaysia amongst the top 10 education destinations. EMGS also manages the movement of international students in Malaysia, which includes facilitating of visa processing. It has also launched a new portal, ‘Discover Education Malaysia Portal’, an information portal on all higher education institutions in Malaysia in line with the ‘Study in Malaysia’ brand. This portal has complete information such as background, program, fee structure, career path, student testimonials, and informative articles from Malaysian institutions. Beside this, EMGS has also created ‘Course Talk Series’ where we invite representatives from higher education institutions to share information about programs and faculties at their institutions live on social media platforms.


EMGS is committed to supporting all initiatives made by the Government of Malaysia for the country’s economic recovery through various methods. EMGS will also continue to be consistent in making Malaysia the global education hub of choice and ensuring the welfare of all international students in Malaysia.

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