Ecole Des Lumieres is Setting High Standards of Pre-school Education in Pakistan


Ecole Des Lumieres , Pakistan renowned Academic Institutions , has been setting high standards for Pre-school education in Pakistan. They earned this reputation thanks to their highly trained foreign qualified teaching faculty, modern facilities and introducing Pakistan’s first researched based curriculum for Pre-School & Elementary children to develop a strong academic foundation. Their curriculum is based on the four main developmental areas of children’s:

– Language Development, helping students to develop their communications skills,

– Cognitive Development, including logical thinking and problem solving,

– Socio-Emotional Development,or how to be a good, responsible and confident citizen,

– Physical Development, participating in extracurricular activities.

Besides their curriculum, the school has been investing heavily on their teaching faculty in terms of training and activity-based learning skills. Each teacher undergoes rigorous training sessions and evaluation criteria before being hired. They are individuals who are trained and groomed by the Senior Teachers and the Principal, to modify the way they mentor their students, guide them on strategies to boost their confidence, instill skills of self-reliance or by working on their social skills, to bridge thecommunication and bonding gap between their peers. 

Teaching staff become alert to the silent cues of each child, as children are a bundle of emotions wrapped up in a package which is still in the process of learning, discovering and understanding, the concept of self, the concept of cause and effect, the concept of impulse control.

The school offers state-of-the-art facilities for students to explore their talent and master their skills. They train children while ensuring their confidence remains intact, but their celerity increases and their process of functioning with an ever-growing understanding of themselves, becomes clearer.

They do not simply teach the students academics, they guide them to open their eyes and minds to the world around them, to bask in the understanding of new concepts in the bright light that illuminates from the wonder of their curiosity and the confidence we keep working on, to insure they remain on a quest to grow and evolve and keep discovering the hidden mysteries of the world around them, at a pace they enjoy and not feel overwhelmed or stresse. Ecole takes pride in creating an environment where the students feel an eagerness to learn.

Ecola students are taught to be aware of the impact they can make on the world around them and how the smallest of gestures, words or actions, can touch and effect lives around them, these are the skills that our teachers are trained for and are the daily endeavor the teachers tirelessly dedicate themselves to.

Ecole des Lumieres is very clear about how they want to groom their students, and are very proud to say that teachers work together as a team, supporting each other and help create a heaven in their classes where students feel confident to grow in to a bold, caring, self-aware individual who has the skill to study and try to understand the world around them.

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