Telenor Pakistan celebrates ‘Customer Day’ by being #MoreSeZyadaCustomerFocused


Keeping its 50 million customers at the core of its business operations, Telenor Pakistan’s entire employee base took out to the streets, digital mediums, roads and markets to connect with the organisation’s valued subscribers as part of its 10th Customer Day. The entire day is dedicated to giving Telenor Pakistan’s staff a detailed and personal look at the inner workings of every customer care channel, gathering valuable insights on the front lines, directly from its userbase. During Customer Day, Telenor Pakistan’s top management and employeesproactively reach out to customers tobetter understand and serve end-users while getting a grasp on how their lifestyles evolve around connectivity. The Customer Day represents Telenor Pakistan’s customer-centric approach to designing its products and services, while nurturing a creative, empathetic, and problem-solving culture.

At Telenor Pakistan, the process of improving customer experience is designed to leave no stone unturned. It starts with interactions between Telenor Pakistan staff and end-users, in which the operator gains behaviouraland operational insights, from the observations of its employees who then work towards adding greater value to connecting people to what matters most. Following the interactions, consolidated feedback is shared with the Centricity team, which in itself is solely dedicated to improving customer experiences all year round. The final step is to identify the way forward and assign necessary duties to designated team members to close the loop with resolution for all customers.

Commenting on the Customer Day, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan said, “Customer Day at Telenor Pakistan is an event that everyone looks forward to – to understand how we create an impact on the lives of millions of Pakistanis and what more can we do to serve them better. It is a unique opportunity that we will continue to honour beyond just this one day; for us, it’s a way of life. Our efforts revolve around bringing More Se Zyada value for our customers while connecting them to what matters most to them.”

While Telenor’s Customer Day had previously been celebrated by allowing teams to physically visit customer care centres around the country, this year’s circumstances are suitable mostly for virtual visits with a few exceptions. The day allows Telenor Pakistan teams to create customer-centric strategies and to work towards understanding the evolving needs of its vast customer base, adding progressive value to the lives of millions.

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