Miss VeetHira Khan warns aspiring actors of individuals impersonating as famous directors


The #MeToo era has helped many actresses come forward and call out unethical behavior and acts that can take place in any entertainment industry. Recently, Miss Veet Pakistan, Hira Khan took to her social media and urged women in the Pakistani entertainment industry to stay vigilant in such cases.

The young actress was referred to a director through an unnamed friend for a project. However, things took an unexpected turn when upon inquiring from her friends in the industry, she found out that it wasn’t that director in the first place. During her conversation with the ‘said’ director, the actress was asked to ‘act, dance, and catwalk’ in a pair of skinny jeans, shorts and, a crop top.

Confused and shocked, the actress shared all screenshots of her conversation and urged everyone to stay vigilant and do their research before going forward with such work in the industry. The ‘Phaans’ actress wrote, “Please be careful. If someone like me who’s actively working can get in doubt and took my day to confirm if it was him or not, girls who don’t have this privilege are easy to prey upon.”

It’s about time female actresses spoke up against such means of business in the entertainment industry. Nothing of this sort is required to become an actor, and one should always do their research no matter how authentic the source might seem.

Link – https://twitter.com/hirakhan121/status/1447158218367676416?s=21

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