See Prime’s new short film ‘Judgmental’ marks Javed Sheikh and Meera’s debut in a short film


See Prime, Pakistan’s most rapidly growing digital platform, has released the first ever Pakistani silent film ‘Judgemental’ marking the debut of Javed Sheikh and Meera in a short film, along with Javeria Saud.

‘Judgmental’ narrates the story of Jaffar who meets an attractive woman in a state of distress by accident. However, he doesn’t realise that the distress will follow him home as well. Though the two were initially attracted to each other, the lack of communication makes them think otherwise later on.

“At See Prime we pride ourselves for always creating original content that entertains everyone,” said SeemeenNaveed, executive producer See Prime. “We are thrilled to finally release the first ever silent short film in Pakistan. I think the concept is so intriguing, there is a lot that can be said without using any words at all.”

Story by Saud Qasmi, screenplay and directed by Awais Salman, the film is a fun take on the way lack of communication can affect two individuals. ‘Judgemental’ has been executively produced by SeemeenNaveed and co-produced by Javeria Saud and Ali Hussain.

The short film is now available to stream exclusively on See Prime’s YouTube channel.

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