OPPO and Pakistan Tourism ‘Discover the Face of Pakistan’ with the Reno6 Series -Spreading Hope Through Powerful Portraits of the Endangered Culture of Kalash

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OPPO and Pakistan Tourism joined hands for an exclusive trip that hosted some of Pakistan’s leading content creators to uncover the true beauty of Pakistan’s hidden treasures. A group of photographers and influencers got together to discover Kalash, Pakistan with an aim to share the untold stories of Kalash with the world. Through thepower of portraits they were able to capture and preserve the intangible culture heritage of Kalash – residing in the Chitral District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. This event was powered by OPPO Pakistan in partnership with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism.

Making the intangible culture tangible and memorable to more people is the mission behind the project. With the powerful portrait capabilities of the Reno6 Series, OPPO believes the touching human stories and the hidden emotions can be more easily recorded and preserved through the lens of a smartphone that fits into your pocket. With this mission in mind, a group of talented content creators led by the nation’s top creator IrfanJunejotoured around Kalash tocapture and highlight the rich culture and heritage of the Kalasha community. Through theuse of OPPO Reno6 Series they were able to create the perfect shot in portrait.The activity is under the “Discover the face of Pakistan” initiative announced by OPPO earlier.

IrfanJunejo said, “It was an experience like no other. We met and interacted with the beautiful Kalashapeople – each with an incredible journey of their own. It was truly exhilarating to be able to capture their unique stories and the cinematic beauty of Kalash, directly from a portrait smartphone.”

“The OPPO Reno6 Series has made it so much easier to capture emotions and moments that were previously lost in bad technological translation or were just not high quality enough to be shared internationally”, Junejo added.

Kalash is a scenic valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan; due to its remote location and isolated cultural identity, most of its beauty is still left unseen by a majority of Pakistan and the world. The Kalasha community is a tribe of indigenous people who are known to be situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan. The Kalasha culture is incredibly rich and diverse in heritage and history; however, not many Pakistanis are even aware of it. ‘Discover the Face of Pakistan’comes as a ray of hope to preserve the Kalasha culture, and support the lives and choices of the Kalasha community.

The KPK tourism director Capt. (R) Kamran Afridi said, “Acknowledgement is the first step to preserve the unique culture of Kalash. The world needs to understand the real Kalasha people and their hopes and dreams to eliminate hate and fear. It’s a great initiative taken by OPPO and some very talented content creators to highlight the picturesque beauty and rich culture of Kalash. We’re hopeful that more Pakistanis and people around the world will choose to come and discover this part of Pakistan.”

OPPO is known by the Pakistanis for the good photo and video effect it generates. This time, OPPO wants to show the unseen beauty of the intangible culture heritage to the world with its technological strengths. The newly launched OPPO Reno6 Series is equipped with Bokeh Flare Portrait which allows users to take cinematic shots with an easy to carry phone.

The amazing stories, scenes and moments from Kalash, one of Pakistan’s most majestic valleys are collected in OPPO Gallery, a virtual online art collection where everyone can create their own stories with a simple hashtag.For more content on the OPPO Gallery, visit https://www.oppo.com/pk/gallery/.

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