Carfirst Brings Warranty For Used Cars To Pakistan


CarFirst, Pakistan’s most trusted used-car trading platform, recently announced the launch of the latest addition to their arsenal of services, the CarFirst Warranty. In this never-before service, CarFirst’s team of experts ensures the car’s condition is optimal, by offering a warranty to back their claim. The new service will endeavor to optimize the consumer experience with people now able to receive the highest level of safety and convenience when buying a used car.

CarFirst Certified cars will be eligible for this service and will now be sold with a warranty guaranteeing the car’s condition from a breakdown or failure of mechanical or electrical parts. The service seeks to enable a secure decision, saving valuable time and money for the consumer by eliminating the risks and hassles associated with purchasing a used car.

The service is inclusive of a repair warranty valid up to 30 days depending on your purchase. Under this service, the inspection will be conducted by our team of experts and certified inspectors using the latest tools and technology, covering over 150+ checkpoints to guarantee the car’s condition. You can now buy used cars safely with CarFirst Warranty!

Commenting on the launch, Raja Murad Khan, CEO & Co-Founder CarFirst, said, “This service was introduced in an effort to boost our customers’ confidence and peace of mind while buying used cars. With all elements of risk, fraud & unpleasant surprises now eliminated, our customers now have access to certified used cars with an actual warranty. CarFirst remains committed to our mission to revolutionize the way used cars are traded in Pakistan by becoming the first to offer a warranty on used cars!”

CarFirst has rallied its one-stop-shop services for everything related to cars, such as evaluation and inspection, warranty, financing, insurance, auctions and many more. CarFirst has solved the problems of the used car market by bringing in regulation, transparency, instant payment, secure transfers and hassle-free trading.

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