MI VS Apple Smartwartches? Which One You Should Buy & Why?


For some people, a smartwatch is an everyday essential but it seemed like another device that throws all the notifications, taking away our valuable time to enjoy our lives.

No need to carry big phone in the tiny (if not non-existent) pockets on female clothing or in hands. Can check time, choose which app notifications and the pedometer motivates to walk more deliberately throughout the day.

All the good things about Mi Band that what it would be like to use an expensive smartwatch.

Key Takeaways

1) Apple Watch clients have no regrettable reviews of the Sleep tracker!

2) Mi Band has a great battery life.

3) Apple Watch starts to lead the pack with regards to display quality

4) People trust Apple Watch merits the additional cash

Overall Rating

Apple Watch clients rated 4.6 and Mi Band clients rated 4.3 on average out of 5. Both client bunches rated high.


Let’s bring a more profound jump into our Thematic investigation of these reviews, and take a gander at the features of every product. Sleep tracker, heart rate monitor and step counter were the main three element themes individuals discussed in their reviews.

     Sleep Tracker

   Apple Watch clients didn’t have anything negative to say about it while Mi Band clients’ slants            were equitably circulated between positive, impartial and negative.

Heart Rate Monitor

The larger part of Apple Smartwtatches clients felt unbiased about this component. Mi Band clients are once more, equally dispersed between the assumptions.

Step Counter

Both gatherings had blended sentiments about the pedometer include with somewhat more negative Apple Watch reviews contrasted with Mi Bands. While the general assumptions of each element were practically the same between the two products, there was an intriguing reality about the reviews. Mi Band clients discussed these features significantly more than Apple Watch clients.

Topical demonstrated it to be right with its examination on the subject, ‘features’. Despite the fact that very few Apple reviews explicitly incorporated the three element themes, when it went to the overall features, there was a comparative level of Apple Watch reviews that included different features as subthemes – notifications, climate, text and phone to list a couple

Battery Life

 Mi Band has an astonishing battery life. Mi Band’s battery life influenced the commentators to rate higher though more than 30% of Apple Watch reviews that included battery life as a subject had the rating of 1.


Mi Band did a ton more terrible when it went to the display. Around half of the reviews passed on the negative conclusions towards it while most of Apple Watch reviews were the inverse.


With Thematic’s subject examination, every product had its own qualities and shortcomings. Be that as it may, it appeared to be the clients were cheerful about their buy. The two products’ survey appraisals averaged at 4.7 with ‘positive experience’ as the base topic. It was additionally amazing to see something very similar at the cost and worth of the two products.  

I’d say choose a watch that you’re cheerful paying for. I’m certain there are significantly more upsides and downsides of every product and content with the fundamental features like notifications, music control, health following, Mi Band would work fine .

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