Master Changan Motors Limited Predicts the Automotive Market to Double in the Next 5 Years


Master Changan Motors Limited is disrupting the automotive industry with the vision of Future Forward Forever. The company conducted its first Vendor Conference – the first ever conducted by any new entrant in Pakistan’s automotive industry.

The company anticipates the automotive market demand to grow twice as much from 300,000 units to 650,000 units in the next 5 years as a result of rapid digital transformations in Pakistan’s economy coupled with a growing young population. The recent population trend shows around 10 million young males are expected to become independent earners in just half a decade. The expected outcome of this population change is a speedy growth in the automotive sector that will most likely create a demand of another 350,000 units and at least 10,000 jobs by 2023 in the industry.

Master Changan Motors Limited is a Joint Venture with the Chinese state-owned company, ‘Changan Automobile’ – number 1 automobile brand in Chinese domestic market. Their investment has crossed over $136 Million, the biggest investment by a Chinese OEM in Pakistan’s history. The company has taken multiple actions to cater to the anticipated growth in the auto market.

On 20th May’2021, Master Changan Motors Limited inaugurated second shift operations to double their production capacity. Now their plant capacity has increased from 30,000 units to 50,000 units per annum (more than 66% increase) in a short span of time. In addition to that, the company is aggressively working to achieve its localization targets and for that today they conducted a Vendor Meeting at their state-of-the-art plant at Karachi.

Master Changan Motors brought together top-level executives from diverse industries under one roof. Mr. Almas Hyder, chairman of EDB, attended as a chief guest and Mr. Abdul Rehman CEO of Tecno Pak industries & the Chairman of PAPAAM came to celebrate the pioneer vendors of the auto industry.  The invitees list included Mr. Zubair Habib CPLC Chief, Mr. Shariq Suhail MD of Rubatech, Mr. Feroz Khan MD & Director of Omar Jibran Engineering, Mr. Amir Allawala CEO of Techno Glass, Mr. Razzaq Ahmed CEO of Metaline Industries, Mr. Usman Sadiq CEO of Plastech Auto Safe, Mr. Adeel Habib Director of Thal Limited, Mr. Athar Khan MD of A-One Technique, Mr. Zia Hayder CEO Of Synthetic Product Entreprise Ltd, Mr. Akkas Ul Hussaini CEO of Thal Limited, Mr. Shirazi CEO of Atlas Battery, Mr. Aslam Khan SGM Agri  Stamping , Mr. Ehsan Ul Haq Director of Procon Engineering Ltd, Mr. Amin Director of General Tire And Rubber, Mr. Murtaza Lalan CEO of Auvtronics Limited, Mr. Muzaffar Qazi SGM of Auvtronics Limited, Mr. Rashid Baig GM of Balochistan Wheels Limited, Mr. Adeel Habib Director of Thal Limited, Mr. Arshad Shahzada CEO of Exide Battery, Mr. Farhan CEO of Noor Engineering, Mr. Shafqat Sohail CEO of United Mechanical Industries, Mr. Aamir CEO of Precision Mate, Mr. Shujauddin CEO of Pak Orient, Mr. Anas Khan Director of A-One Technique, Mr. Qamar Shahzad of CEO of Hussain Engineering, Mr. Omar Feroz Omar Director of Jibran Engineering, Mr. Zain Shariq Director of Rubatech, Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Director of Metaline Industries Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Suleman CEO of National Automotive Components, Mr. Arshad Hamid SGM of Procon Engineering Ltd, Mr. Javed CEO of Javed Steel, Mr. Fareed Rasheed GM of Daewoo Battery, Ms. Narisa CEO of Electropolymer, Mr. Ejaz CEO of Ahmed Glass Industries Pvt Ltd, Mr. Farooq CEO of Landhi Engineering Works, Mr. Aftab Alam  SGM of Allco Industries, Mr. Rashid SGM of Bahawalpur Engineering Limited, Mr. Arsalan Allahwala Director of Techno Glass Industries, Mr. Tariq Mehmood GM of Sanpak, Mr. Farrukh CEO of Kansai, Mr. Ahsan Khan Director of A-One Technique, Mr. Danish Jawed CEO of Javed Metal Industries Pvt Ltd, Mr. Haroon CEO of Ravi Autos, Mr. Abdul Basit Director of Alba Engg, Mr. Adnan Sohail CEO of Sabina, and Mr. Irfan Sheikh CEO of G.I Enterprises.

This is the first time a new entrant has taken such an initiative to gather all the vendors to discuss plans to work together. Indeed, the meeting brought together the backbone of the auto industry from various backgrounds and specializations in material parts, such as plastic, metal, glass, rubber, etc.

The Chief Guest of the meeting Mr. Almas Hyder, the chairman of EDB, also expressed his views in his speech. He recognized the company’s localization plans and offered his support in their endeavor. As per Mr. Almas now localization has become crucial for the survival of all new entrants in Pakistan. When the Government will withdraw the incentives currently being offered to the new entrants under the Auto Policy, their sustainability will determine their future. He hinted at the government plans to offer special financing schemes for the young generation to be able to afford entry-level vehicles,and that the new auto policy will specially incentivize exports of parts and vehicles from Pakistan to the world market.

According to Mr. Danial Malik, CEO MCML, aggressive localization plans will mutually benefit auto part manufacturers and the automotive industry as a whole through the transfer of technology and manpower. He stated, “We believe in building long-term relationships with our partners and ensuring our stakeholders’ win is our top priority”. He added, “Through our three pillars of strategy which includes; Transfer of Technology through the Joint Venture statu, RHD Exports of Changan vehicles and a Maximum Localization approach to uplift the auto industry of Pakistan” 

The Localization Plans were discussed by Mr. Umer Farooq GM – EDD in which he discussed how the auto part manufacturers will win through Changan’s aggressive localization plans. He stated, “The roots to success are only through localization. Through the transfer of technology, access to technical data, and introduction of advanced business practices Master Changan Motors is keen to ensure the Win of all its partners and customers.”

Through this vendor meeting, MCML discussed their plans to facilitate technical agreements between Chinese and Pakistani auto parts manufacturers and aggressively localize their vehicles in the next two years up to at least 60% as opposed to the current status of 20%.

The meeting concluded with a thorough tour of Master Changan Motors’ plant facility and a spectacular demonstration of Changan Uni-T, an AI-chip-based level 3 autonomous vehicle.

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