Worry No More! OPPO’s Impressive Service Has You Covered!

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OPPO believes that service is not just about repairs but more about customer loyalty and trust. The brand hopes to make its consumers feel at ease and have trust which is why they have OPPO’s Service Day every month!

OPPO Service Day takes place on the 10th of each month. And so, every month in addition to enjoying the basic maintenance discount, customers are welcomed by a free drink upon arrival at the OPPO service centre. And to make it easier for users to manage their time, OPPO service centres extend their business hours for that day. Additionally all OPPO users can enjoy free cleaning and software upgrade as well.

The brand prioritises customer care and satisfaction which is why they bring multiple services for you to benefit from. You no longer have to worry about buying a device or getting it repaired since OPPO promises you every bit of ease with their new and improved services.

Thanks to OPPO’s international warranty, you can now travel across the globe hassle free. That’s right, customers can now avail warranty, repair services and have software upgrades for designated devices in 59 countries/regions.Moreover, OPPO guarantees originality of spare parts for all the repairs you get. You get warranty on all parts that are replaced and best of all, it takes only 60 minutes to take get your phone repaired.

Are you worried that your broken phone will not deliver the same quality after being repaired? Don’t worry, OPPO has you covered. The company promises to deliver the same quality. So if you have a broken phone, don’t be upset because a visit to the service centre will make it as good as new!

OPPO always considers user’s safety as its topmost priority. The company organizes activities and sets strict business hours in accordance to government requirements. Moreover, the Service Centre staff is required to wear a face mask at all times, check body temperature, provide hand sanitizers to the customers and clean and disinfect the store every single day. So with all the safety measures and top of the line aftersales services, OPPO leaves no room for dissatisfaction. Visit the OPPO official page https://support.oppo.com/pk/service-center/ to find the nearest service centre Happy Service Day everyone!

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