Live #LifeUninterrupted with Molped Hygiene Shield


Hayat Kimya’s sanitary pad brand, Molped, has been providing women across the globe with innovative products and solutions for more than 2 decades. Now, in 2021, the company has also introduced Molped in Pakistan with famous Turkish star Esra Bilgic as the face of the brand.

Monthly periods pose different challenges for women in Pakistan; one of the biggest concerns is the fear of a poor-quality product that causes rash and irritation among other problems. This unfortunately interrupts and disrupts the everyday life of Pakistani women. Girls and women in Pakistan should be provided with an environment along with quality products that allow them to manage their menstruation with ease and dignity.

After extensive research on the subject and evaluation of the needs of Pakistani women, Molped has launched Hygiene Shield Portfolio in Pakistan which has been specifically designed for Pakistani women. Hygiene Shield, an anti-germ protection layer, is a first in Pakistan. It provides superior absorption, odor protection, and long hours of hygiene to Pakistani women; ensuring they don’t miss out on life and continue as per normal without any interruptions even during their periods. In short, Molped Hygiene Shield will enable women to live #LifeUninterrupted!

The brand ambassador of Molped Pakistan, Esra Bilgic has expressed her pleasure on joining this campaign and as well as her confidence in hygiene shield by saying, “Molped Hygiene Shield is my ultimate hygiene partner! It doesn’t only protect me but also gives me long hours of hygiene! It is finally time to say goodbye to bad odor! I am sure my fellow Pakistani women will agree with me and live #LifeUninterrupted thanks to it.”

Tolga Arslan, CEO of Hayat Kimya Pakistan, while announcing the launch of Molped in Pakistan, said, “We are excited to bring innovation in the form of Molped Hygiene Shield to Pakistan; with its superior product performance, including fast absorption and anti-odor feature, Molped will ensure long hours of hygiene and better product experience versus competitors. Our confidence lies in the quality of our product and we are hopeful that consumers will love it as much as Esra does!”

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