Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Introduces next generation Hisense LED TVs in Pakistan

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Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd., one of Pakistan’s fastest growing company, has marked another milestone in bringing the most high-end television technology to the country with Hisense’s 85” 4K Smart ULED TV. 85” is the largest size screen in LED TV in Pakistan which now have great demand in Pakistan due to high lifestyle.

Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd. will be unlocking another milestone by strarting its manufacturing of 75” LED TV from February 2021 allowing customers to choose from a large variety of latest technology devices. It already offers a wide range of Hisense 4K Smart LED TVs in Pakistan with available sizes ranging up to 65”.

Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO Certified, sole distributor and manufacturer of Hisense products including televisions and residential air-conditioners in Pakistan. The company has incorporated the latest version of the operating system, i.e. Android 10.0 into the products that they provide to consumers. Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd. also offers Voice-Enabled Remote Controls across all models providing a unique and elevated to customers. The company also offers air conditioners from Hisense which is branded as the Inverter AC expert in two categories which include Split and Floor Standing types.

Speaking at the occasion, Tri-Angels Pvt. Ltd. CEO, Muhammad Imran Ghani stated; “The advancements of technology are allowing customers of today to experience convenience as well as entertainment in a way that they never thought possible. At Tri-Angels, it is our goal to continue serving the needs of our tech-savvy customers by bringing the latest in electronic technology within their reach. We have and will continue to forward this objective through our commitment and diverse partnership with Hisense leading brand across the world.”

Hisense is among the most renowned Chinese brands with presence across the globe and millions of satisfied customers in US, UK, Europe and Australia. Their products also have a significant customer base within Pakistan offering credibility and weightage to the brand’s image in the local market.

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